Why is this happening?

We would like to invite you to Lyons Colorado on January 11th for a great day and night. The goal of this event is to help pump some money into the Lyons economy by bringing in some folks that may not come to town otherwise and to raise some additional funds for the Lyons Community Foundation.

We ask you to do this because the businesses in the Town of Lyons need help. When the floods hit in September, the entire town was shut down and evacuated. For 2 months the businesses in town had their doors closed and were unable to make a dime. Many of those businesses were on the fence about whether or not they would be able to re-open at all.

Now that Lyons is open for business, those that have re-opened have a lot of catching up to do. Once the holidays pass, it is a long stretch until the weather gets warm again and visitors start heading back to town on weekend trips. The Lyons Roar is how we want to help.

If you are able, please come on up to Lyons on the 11th, have a nice big meal, leave a big tip for your servers, check out the shops and buy a gift or two, grab some groceries, fill up your tank. Every little bit helps and there are some outstanding places to shop in Lyons. Talented artists, great restaurants, antiques, you name it, I bet that it is here.

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